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Exploring Kangaroo Island

It’s funny how we’re so quick to book a flight across the other side of the world, but hesitant to explore what’s waiting for us in our own backyard.

We returned home to Australia after our 12 months of backpacking adventures with a greater appreciation for what our own country has to offer, and our weekend away with KKday Travel in Kangaroo Island truly reaffirmed this for us.

Our KI trip started bright and early on Saturday morning, with a bus charter pick-up at around 6am. From here, we were driven straight to t

he Cape Jervis ferry with Sea Link KI (approximately 2 hours by car from Adelaide), and jumped on board for the scenic 45 minute ride by boat.

Hot tip, make your way up to the top of the boat on the decking area to enjoy the ocean views, and it’s actually also much better for those who suffer from sea sickness to be outside, fresh air, and less of a rocky ride the higher you can reach.

We reached Kangaroo Island with our other fellow travellers, some who chose to bring their vehicle along on the ferry too, for freedom to explore the island at their leisure.

But for us, we didn’t want to think about getting from A to B, and were there to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Right away we were transported to a small mini bus with a group of about 6 others from all over the world, and a friendly driver who was going to show us all of the hot spots over the next two days.

We loved visiting KI from a local’s perspective, and being shown around by someone who knows the island like the back of their hand.

We found the two-day tour to cater for all ages, levels of fitness, and interests.

One minute we were visiting local honey farms and sipping on coffee, the next we were walking to the remarkable rocks on the coastline for epic photo opportunities.

One of our favourite stops was to Seal Bay, where we learnt that 800 of the world’s 10,000 seal population reside here on Kangaroo Island. We couldn’t believe how up close and personal we got with these beautiful creatures and watched as they basked in the sun, played with one another, and headed out to the ocean to catch their families dinner for the next few days.

At around 530pm our driver kindly dropped us off at our accommodation for the night, the Ozone Hotel in Kingscote. A perfectly situated hotel, literally right on the esplanade with ocean views from our balcony! We enjoyed some dinner and a wine here, before venturing out along the beach to watch the sunset..

Day 2 came around and another jam packed itinerary on the cards, we saw hundreds of kangaroos, at least a dozen koala’s, and even got to get up close and personal with our new furry friends.

We couldn’t believe how much ground we covered in only two days, and that we were able to see the best of Kangaroo Island in less than 48 hours!

Whether you’re a South Australian local (like us!), or travelling around Australia and this picturesque island is on your bucket list, let KKday Travel sort absolutely everything out for you from transfers, accommodation, drivers, tours, and taking you to the best view points and insta worthy spots!

We loved playing travellers in our own state, and it was the perfect diverse taste of what the beautiful Kangaroo Island has to offer.

Let us know if you have any questions guys, always love to help with further recommendations!

Big love,

Mish & Kirk

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