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Travelling in Colorlinen

Travelling so often, to different destinations and weather conditions, we are forever packing and unpacking.

We’ve certainly changed the way we pack, and the staple items that come along with us on each trip.

We pack for comfort, for cultural appropriateness, items that we can mix and match easily, and of course for what will look great in photographs.

We currently are a little obsessed with Linen.

We both own a number of linen shirts, shorts, pants, skirts and dresses, and they have very quickly become part of our staple travel attire.

Why we love Linen!

  • it’s cooling effect, always on the go, rushing to catch that train, up from sunrise to sunset, did you know that Linen can reduce the human body temperature by 4-8 decrees celsius ??

  • it’s durable to withstand all of our crazy adventures, rock climbing skills, and running amok!

  • it looks good for our photo shoots! always stylish and generally we tend to choose linen pieces that are natural in colour so that we can mix and match with other items

  • timeless items, we’re all about reducing our carbon footprint, and slow fashion options. Our linen pieces are part of our everyday collection that we will wear time and time again

  • it’s been said that wearing linen clothing can reduce the impact of radiation, Colorlinen taught us this!

We came across Colorlinen recently, a company started up by a humble husband and wife team, just sharing their passion for Linen.

We loved that they have full control and sight over their facility and workshops, and are 100% involved in the design and production process each step of the way, including treating their staff like their family.

Their pieces are timeless but unique, with their own creative flair.

Mish’s favourite piece, the grey side button linen pants, try getting her to ever take these off!

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