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Enough Studio - An Eco-Friendly Salon Meets Adelaide

As someone who hadn’t set foot into a hair salon for almost 10 years, I was surprisingly instantly drawn to Enough Studio after hearing about this new Adelaide space from a few local girls, who had nothing but wonderful things to say.

Being a sustainable living advocate, and learning that Enough Studio is Adelaide's first eco-friendly salon, I was a little excited!

I connected with Lisa Nguyen, the owner and concept creator of Enough Studio, and after reading about their focus on sustainability and toxin-free environment, I booked myself in for some hair-love asap.. best decision ever!

The Enough experience was an all-around holistic delight for me.

Lisa greeted me with a big smile and hug, after a few prior chats via email and me preparing her with news that my hair may need a little more TLC than expected.. But she welcomed my mop-head and I with warm open arms, and made me feel nothing but comfortable and relaxed.

The space is beautiful and open, filled with lots of natural light, and her eco-friendly products on display for you to try and smell for yourself as well as an assortment of herbal teas and water.

We started off with a hair consultation, I told Lisa all the things I disliked about my current situation (I had a long list! Dry hair, split ends, sun damage, grey roots, mismatched colour throughout..), and she told me exactly how we were going to fix it all!

As soon as the colour started to be brushed through my hair, the first thing I noticed was how NICE it smelt! Usually I would be holding my nostrils closed, avoiding breathing in the harsh chemical - but this experience was not like that at all.

Lisa taught me all about the natural and organic products that she uses, where they come from, and how they benefit you. It’s something that’s not always on the forefront of people’s mind when they’re having a pamper day in a salon, but it’s honestly shocking to think about the chemicals and toxins that enter our body and the way that they can build up in our organs over time.. all for a hair colour or treatment!

While I waited for my colour to set, Lisa made me a delicious tea, shared with me an incredible raw treat dessert, and led me to her relaxing space filled with inspirational magazines to read.

Before I knew it, 30 minutes was up and we were washing out my new shiny hair, enjoying a head massage treatment, and getting ready for a trim.

Once Lisa had finished with my blow-dry, she even kindly styled my-do, and boy-oh-boy did I feel like one hell of a superstar!!

Honestly, I did NOT recognise myself when she showed me the back of my hair, and I walked out of Enough with a big smile on my face, feeling like a goddess, and counting down to my next visit!

Check out a few snaps I captured of Lisa's space, and my before and after.

If you would like to book yourself or a loved one in for one incredibly luxurious and GOOD FOR YOU treatment, visit Enough via their website below, you won't ever want to leave:

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