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Bawah Island - A Luxury Eco-Resort in Paradise

Bawah was hands down, THE most picturesque, pristine, and perfect place that we have ever had the pleasure of visiting. A secluded island accessible only via seaplane, Bawah is an untouched magical land who have a large focus on preservation of the environment and conservation of the ocean.

It’s been open for less than 12 months, but is slowly making its way onto many travellers bucket lists.. and we’re going to tell you more, and why you should add it to yours!

What is Bawah?

Made up of six islands, 13 private beaches, and three crystal clear lagoons, the water is the clearest of which we have ever seen, and the jungle so lush and green.

Bawah opened to the public in July 2017, and currently provides a range of different accomodation options on the main island.

11 overwater bungalow, and 21 beachfront suites - we loved waking up to the sound of the gentle ocean, magical sunrises, and unforgettable sunsets.

Bawah’s packages are all-inclusive, which means that your round trip transfers from Singapore, daily meals, wellness centre & water sports are all part of the deal! It’s wonderful to disconnect from the world, and not have a worry about how many pennies you are spending..

How do you get to Bawah?

Bawah is actually an island of Indonesia, but the easiest way to access Bawah is from Singapore.

The resort will organise all your transfers for you as part of your package, which includes a short ferry ride, and a 1 hour 15 minute seaplane ride which will leave you speechless at the view of the island from above!

The team at Bawah make the travel process really simple, with someone who will guide you though the entire process, from Singapore, to the island.

When is the best time to visit Bawah?

March - October provides the most amount of sunshine, and least amount of rain on Bawah. But Bawah can be enjoyed all year around, as it is always warm and beautiful.

What is there to do on Bawah?

Wow.. where do we start.. what ISN’T there to do on Bawah?

From the moment you arrive, you will have one of the many wonderful hosts on Bawah greet you and show you to your villa via buggy.

Your host can help plan your day’s activities for you, so all you need to do is enjoy! Below were some of our favourite moments:

Stand-up paddle-boarding - With surrounding waters so calm and see-through, paddle-boarding (or SUP’s) were our absolute favourite way to get around the island! A great way to keep active, and see the island from the ocean.. we found ourselves paddling at sunset, to lunch on the other side of the island, or to the secluded beaches that await explorers.

Wellness Centre Treatments - with unlimited complimentary access to the wellness centre (each day of your stay), we recommend making the most of this perk! It was incredible to un-wind and enjoy a massage, foot-rub, mani / pedi, and even hair treatments. The staff are so calming and kind, and you can even choose to have your treatment in the privacy of your room or alternatively the pool with relaxing views of the ocean.

Yoga - start your morning with a relaxing flow in the tree-tops of the wellness centre, birds chirping, fresh air, there is no better spot for a yoga practice than what Bawah offer

Snorkelling - every day, there would be a number of snorkelling trips organised where you could jump on board a boat with a friendly Bawah guide and be taken around the islands to nothing but the clearest blue’s and pristine snorkelling spots. Coral, colourful fish, black tip reef sharks, sting-rays, you could spend hours whisked away in the warm under-water delight of Bawah.

Hiking - defined and marked trails make their way through and around the island, offering incredible views of the coastline from above. All trails are relatively easy, and can be done by anyone of any fitness level

Cooking Classes - we loved participating in a cooking-class with one of the head-chef’s on site, where we had the opportunity to learn about the local cuisine, food and spices - preparing our own traditional meal to later enjoy for lunch. We were even given the recipe to take back home and re-create again and again!

Chilling by the Pool - on the days where we didn’t feel like doing much but putting our feet up, there are too many spots to choose from to do this! Your own private balcony in your over-water villa, the stretch of white sand beach, or the Infinity Pool - setup with sunbathing chairs and tables with the helpful Bawah staff making sure your drink (or cocount!) is never empty!

Sunrise & Sunset experiences - if you’re like us, and golden hours are your favourite time of day, then Bawah have it sorted for you with private island cruises. The make sure the boat is packed with your favourite drinks and snacks, and your guide will take you around all of the beautiful 6 islands, with a run-down of what can be found & enjoyed upon each.

Diving - if you’re an avid diver, or would like to learn, then Bawah ticks both of these boxes. The calmest of waters, and so many beautiful surprises beneath the surface.

Kayaking & Sailing - at anytime, you’re able to help yourself to the complimentary kayak’s and catamaran, and enjoy a private experience on the ocean. You can opt to kayak around the whole island, which we would very much recommend doing at sunrise! What a way to watch the island wake-up..

What options are there for Wining & Dining on Bawah?

One of our favourite things about Bawah, was the MOUTHWATERING food. The wonderful head-chef Omar would always come to greet us once we were seated up at Treetops Restaurant, to let us know what fresh produce was on the island toady, and to check in with us about what we were feeling like eating. No dietary requirement is too difficult, and we loved Omar’s creative flair in the kitchen, always treating our tastebuds with something new and delicious.

We loved how many different dining options there was to enjoy on Bawah, so we were able to change it up each day - and no request was ever a problem. Some mornings we enjoyed breakfast out on our private deck, private beach, or we made our way up to the Treetops restaurant.

For lunch you could choose from dining at the Treetops Restaurant, room service, private beach picnics which your host would always be more than happy to set-up and organise for you, or the chilled out beach cafe (The Boathouse) where you were literally metres away from the ocean, sand between your toes, and swinging at the bar with a cold coconut in hand and a menu full of bbq options, burgers, fries, and salads.

A Sustainability Focus & Movement:

One reason that we were so drawn to visiting Bawah was because we were so intrigued by their eco-friendly approach and focus on sustainability.

For an island so remote and secluded, we loved learning about how self-reliant they have become.. and just a few of the ways that they are contributing to a cleaner and happier earth:

  • plastic-free, no plastic bottles or straws will be found on Bawah

  • solar-power boats and energy, & water heated by solar-energy

  • all rain-water is harvested, treated, and stored

  • turkish towels used throughout the island, multi-purpose uses, dry quickly, and require less water to wash than normal towels

  • waste water treated to be used on the organic fruit & vegetable gardens

  • all pesticides are banned

  • as Bawah is a reserve, all fishing, anchoring, and collection of marine life is forbidden

  • development of permaculture garden filled with lots of fruit and vegetables that are then used fresh in the kitchen

  • utilising eco-friendly products on the island such as the provided body washes, shampoos’, sunscreens & laundry detergent

  • recycling system, all paper is mulched, food is composted, and crushed glass is used in the water filtering process

  • no fuel vehicles, only electric buggies

Bawah was one of those places we truly will just never forget. The Bawah family, staff, and hosts all had the most calming and kindest of natures, that you just can’t help but feel happy and at ease during your travels here.

For us, this destination was the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure. With so many activities available to us on the island, we easily could have spent a number of weeks on Bawah, and are already dreaming of returning someday.

If anyone has any other questions about this eco-paradise, please please send us an email at and we would be more than happy to help!

In the meantime, check out the Bawah website for more info at:

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