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Our boat trip to Capri & surrounds with Sorrento Luxury Charter

A trip to Sorrento just would not be complete without organising a boat tour to the gorgeous island of Capri and surroundings. We were lucky enough to join Sorrento Luxury Charters on board one of their wonderful boats for the day with captain and owner Robbie, and the two lovely staff members Rosa and Giovanni.

We met Rosa down at the harbour of Sorrento where she was waiting for us early with a big smile on her face and a card with our names on it, which was very helpful given the number of people down here! Rosa greeted us and explained that she would take us to meet our captain for the day, leading us to the port where all of the boats were parked. Rosa brought us to a very impressive looking 45 foot luxury speed boat. Here we were very warmly welcomed by Robbie, who shook our hand, introduced us to his wingman Giovanni, and invited us on board his beautiful boat!

From the second we stepped on board, Robbie and his team really made us feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready to have a great day on the ocean! The weather could not have been more perfect, and the ride on the water was as smooth as could be. Robbie explained to us that he has lived in Sorrento all his life, and therefore he knows the waters and surroundings very well. Today we would be visiting Capri, and stopping along the way to see some of the less populated caves and swimming spots - we couldn’t wait!

The views that we had from the boat of the water and landscapes around us were just like no other, and Robbie was just great at finding the perfect balance between explaining to us a bit about the history of Sorrento and Capri, and also letting us sit back, relax, and soak up everything that surrounded us.

Our journey took us past some truly impressive sights, many of which we stopped at to either swim near, take photographs, or get a closer look. We saw natural swimming pools, ancient ruins, million dollar villa’s (including Beyonce and Georgio Armani’s holiday home!), natural waterfalls flowing into the ocean, natural rock archways, and many caves. We also stopped off a couple of times to have a swim and go jumping off of the boat into the crystal blue waters beneath us which was like no water we had ever swam in before! So clear and blue! When we arrived back on the boat, we were always greeted with a refreshing drink, prosecco, and delicious complimentary snacks! “Are you hungry?” Robbie asked, “I have somewhere very nice to take you for lunch!”

Robbie was taking us to an area by the name of Bay of Nerano, located on the Amalfi Coast. We arrived in the bay where there were many locals having a great time swimming in the water and enjoying the sunshine - once we stepped off of the boat, we were greeted by a staff member of the restaurant that we would be dining at today, where he led us to our transport up to our lunch spot! We all jumped into an open-air modern-day tuk-tuk style vehicle, and within a few minutes we had arrived at Quattro Passi, where we would be enjoying our lunch! Quattro Passi is a Michelin Star restaurant owned and run by the lovely Antonio Mellino.

Antonio personally greeted us and welcomed us to his wonderful restaurant, where he had reserved a perfect table outside on the upper-deck level, which overlooked the bay of Nerano, ocean, and distant cliff’s. Quattro Passi is a very open, spacious, and modern-style restaurant. With so many different dining areas including indoor, large deck, and newly renovated outdoor garden dining area.

The waiters were extremely attentive, always making sure our glasses were topped with water and wine, and spending time to go through all elements of the menu and dishes with us. We enjoyed a shared platter first course, mains of risotto, fish, and pasta, and a share platter of an assortment of delicious desserts - the entire meal and experience was absolutely divine, and we loved that there was so much attention to detail in each dish, so many flavours, all while still maintaining authentic and traditional styled Italian food - served with a smile from the lovely staff. After lunch Antonio was kind enough to show us around his impressive and large kitchen, and explained to us that he is looking to expand his business and offer cooking classes on-site, wouldn’t that be amazing!? We also then were lucky enough to have a tour through his underground wine cellar.. and this part really knocked our socks off! We have been in some wine cellars in our time, but nothing ever so big as Antonio’s! With more than 20,000 wine bottles, from every single region of Italy, and also many other bottles from all over the world, including South Australia (where Mish is from!) It was a wonderful ending to a very special meal!

Our bellies were full, we were feeling very relaxed, but the day wasn’t over yet.. ! Robbie told us over lunch that he had a very special spot for us to stop-off at on our way back to Sorrento. A spot that he had discovered from when he was young, his favourite place to swim in the whole area, a place that hasn’t been discovered by the tourism industry, and a place that isn’t crowded.. this sounded right up our alley, and we were pretty excited to see where this would be!

Back on the tuk-tuk to the harbour, back on Robbie’s luxurious boat, and we were off once again, cruising on the water, views that made us smile from ear-to-ear, fun music playing on the boat, and keen to reach our next destination! It wasn’t long before we were approaching a gorgeous cliff face, surrounded by the most beautiful blue waters.. we were once again itching to get into the water, and when Robbie told us that we would be going snorkelling in a hidden cave here, we couldn’t have been happier! Sorrento Luxury Charter’s had all of the snorkelling gear and towels on board, so we didn’t need to bring a thing! The boat pulled up right by the cave, we fitted on our snorkel’s, and off we went into the water.. Robbie in the lead, we swam into the cave which when we got close, realised was literally GLOWING colours of blue!! It was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! We were the only people swimming here, and the snorkel gear was great for seeing under the water, and how perfectly clear it was! Robbie showed us a few tricks, and that if you touch the rocks in the cave, your whole body glows.. This was truly an unforgettable experience and something that we never would have been lucky enough to see if it wasn’t for Robbie’s personal knowledge of this area.

After spending a great deal of time enjoying the cave, and swimming in the water, we jumped back on board to be greeted with a lovely fruit platter. After six hours of being on the boat, swimming, eating, and enjoying all of the views of Capri and the Sorrento coast, it was time for us to head back to the harbour. During the hour boat ride back, we made sure we snapped lots of last photographs, and we were even lucky enough to have Robbie sing one of his favourite Italian songs to us, Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partirò - what a wonderful and fitting end to the best day ever!!

We feel so lucky to have come across Sorrento Luxury Charters, and after travelling through Italy for one month, this was hands down the best day of our time in this country, a true highlight and memories made that we will hold dear to our hearts forever! This experience was made all the more incredible due to Robbie and the team, the fact that we had the opportunity to have a private tour and explore areas that are not as commonly visited when tourists come to Sorrento and Capri made a big difference. There are many tour companies in Sorrento that will happily take you out on their tour boats in groups with other people, but what set Sorrento Luxury Charter’s apart from those other companies is that they are a personalised service where you really are travelling in luxury. Robbie and his team will specifically tailor your boat trip day to your interests, and to where you would like to go - whether this is Capri, Amalfi, etc. If you want to do more swimming, they can make more stops, if you’d prefer to stay and enjoy the ocean from the boat, then this is possible too. And if you want to get out at the islands and explore these, then this is no problem either!! This is not a standard tour experience, and is one that you will walk away with a big smile on your face, and memories of the Italian coast that will remain with you for always!

The little attention to details from Robbie and his team on the boat really make the experience a special one, from the complimentary snacks and drinks that just keep flowing, the great music, and the happy and positive energy that the staff all have - it’s infectious and you will not be able to have anything but a fantastic time!

Whether you are a family, couple, group of friends, or anything in between - Robbie and his team at Sorrento Luxury Charters can specially put together a day that is perfect for you - with a range of different sized luxury boats for you to choose from. For more information, check out online at their website:

Thank you Sorrento Luxury Charters for THE BEST DAY in our time in Italy, we can’t wait to come back one day and join you again

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