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Paragliding Interlaken in Switzerland

If there is anywhere in the world to paraglide, Switzerland sure is the place to do it! And we are saying so from experience.. WOW what an incredible morning in Interlaken! We booked our paragliding tour through Paragliding Interlaken, and were pretty stoked when we awoke to a clear blue-sky day, sun shining, and just the right amount of wind for a paraglide over the picturesque mountains and lakes!

There are flight times running around 7 times per day, and we booked in for the 11am session. Paragliding Interlaken offer a pick-up service from any nearby hotel etc, but alternatively the meeting spot for the flight is in the city centre of Interlaken, where we made our way on our own as we have our own vehicle. We arrived here where we were welcomed by the friendly staff organising all the bookings, and taken to the van which would then transport us up to the top of the mountain, where we would launch. In a small group of only 4 others, we were given a run-down of what would occur once we reached the top of the mountain, and all safety information was explained to us here. Once we enjoyed a 15 minute scenic drive up the mountain, we were all introduced to our professionally trained flyers. Mish was paired with Roby, who has been flying for over 16 years, with 3.5 years of study, and over 8000 flights under his belt.. what an incredible job!? Roby did an awesome job at making me feel completely at ease, relaxed and super excited all at the same time!! He fitted my harness and checked over everything twice, I was definitely in the hands of a professional glider! I watched as the other paragliders ran out ahead of me, launching into the sky and floating away.. And before i knew it, that was me! Just a short running start together down a steep hill, until the chute started to carry us up, up and away, and it was now time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!! And by show I mean potentially the most beautiful landscapes that I ever have seen!

To see Switzerland from a birds-eye view was such a gorgeous experience.. all the while feeling as though we were floating through the air so gentle and smoothly! Emerging through the mountain valley and forests, until we were over the bight aqua lakes below us. From up so high you really feel so tiny in this big world! I was able to take my go-pro with me during the experience, however Roby also used a go-pro throughout the flight (optional) where he took lots of photos and short video’s, meaning that I could relax and really soak up everything around me rather than worrying about trying to capture the moment myself.. but of course I made sure I did anyway.. you can never have enough snaps and this is something that I wanted to keep in my memory bank forever!

Roby checked in with me to make sure I was feeling okay, and then gave me the option of whether I wanted him to throw in a few spins and tricks in the paraglide before we landed.. of course I said YES!

After at least 20 minutes in the paraglide, and a few 360 degree spins in the air just to make sure that we were seeing Interlaken from every which way and angle, it was almost time for landing… The landing was once again a very smooth experience.. gliding towards a big grassed area, it wasn’t long before we were standing back on our own two feet, looking up into the sky and mountains where we had come from only minutes before! Roby showed me the photos that he had captured on his go-pro, and then kindly transferred them instantly to a USB for me to take-away.

I’m certainly not the biggest dare-devil out there, and sure I had a few butterflies before hand at the thought of running off of a mountain cliff and hoping that your parachute sees you safely down to the bottom, but this experience was completely relaxing and I felt very safe the entire time in the good hands of Paragliding Interlaken.

For anyone visiting the Interlake region in Switzerland, make sure that you have this activity on your bucket list! For more information, visit the website at the link here: - it was certainly a highlight of our time in this gorgeous country! Watch below for more photos and our YouTube video of our day!

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