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Cedar & Sage Spa - Your relaxation haven in the heart of Banff Village

After nothing but hiking, camping, and road-tripping for the last three months, our bodies and muscles have certainly been taking a bit of a toll! We made contact with Cedar & Sage Spa while in the city of Banff, and organised for ourselves the ultimate relaxation package.

Located on Bear Street in the heart of Banff, we walked into Cedar & Sage and instantly found ourselves feeling calm and at peace. Decorated beautifully with timber furnishings, low lighting, the gentle sound of music, and the scent of essential oils - it is clear that a lot of thought and small touches have been made to ensure that this space is one in which people come to feel nothing but calm.

We were greeted by the lovely owner Amie who welcomed us and explained that Cedar & Sage has been in operation now for just over two years, and she is proud of the team that she has working with her - therapists specialising in massage, reflexology, reiki, nutrition, and yoga - a fit for every customer’s need.

We were kindly encouraged to sit and relax for a few minutes, and offered some water and hot tea before being introduced to our massage therapists for the afternoon, Rae & Lucy. We all made our way into the grand treatment room, a spacious and private room which consisted of two massage beds, a sauna area, and a large double shower. The ladies explained to us exactly what our treatment would consist of today - a hydrotherapy shower, a 45 minute infrared sauna experience to help with warming and relaxing our muscles while opening our pores, followed by a 60 minute massage experience.

Rae & Lucy were fantastic at making us both feel incredibly comfortable and at ease. We discussed with the ladies what particular parts of our bodies were tighter and sorer than others, and which areas we felt we needed extra focus on. We were very impressed to hear that the 60 minute massage would be 100% tailored to our preferences.

Rae & Lucy explained to us how to operate the showers and the sauna, provided us with fresh towels, and also gave us the option of using essential oils - we were left alone for 45 minutes to shower and enjoy the sauna before the ladies would return back to the room to commence our massage. The shower was amazing, and we had the option of adjusting both the water temperature and pressure. Once we rinsed off, we applied some essential oils to our lower back and entered the sauna - again with the ability to adjust the temperature and lighting in here.. we were already in complete relaxation mode and our massage had not yet even commenced!

Once we were back on the warm heated massage bed’s, Rae & Lucy re-entered the room and our 60 minute treatment began. With all of the long drives that we have done through the states recently, the ladies identified that we were both holding a lot of tension in different parts of our bodies. Specialising in these sorer sports, our massages were tailored to our neck, upper and lower back, and back of thighs - with lots of deep tissue work, and encouragement of blood flow.

The entire 60 minute massage was ultimate relief and relaxation. It was a much-needed experience that left us feeling calm, peaceful, and grounded. Once we had re-dressed and emerged from the treatment room, Rae & Lucy met with us in the waiting area and explained to us individually what techniques they had used, and their recommendations for our bodies moving forward including stretching information and ways in which we can release muscle tension.

We enjoyed a warm cup of herbal tea and fresh glass of lemon water on the couches before we departed - a perfect end to our treatment package.

If you find yourself in Banff and looking for some body & muscle relief after a full day of snowboarding, hiking, or even just to treat yourself or a friend, you need to book an appointment with Cedar & Sage Spa. Cedar & Sage also specialise in full day retreats and yoga, perfect for birthday’s, parties, or just something special for you and your friends.

For more information, contact Amie and the team online or by phone, and visit their website - link here!

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