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Our paradise stay at Casitas Pacificas, Las Pocitas Beach

The last couple of days spent at Las Pocitas Beach has felt like a dream.. mainly due to our breath-taking stay at Casitas Pacificas. After almost two weeks in the heart of Mancora, we thought it was time to change it up a bit and head to a different location. Only a bumpy 10 minute tuk-tuk ride away, which should cost you no more than 5 soles / $2 AUD, we found ourselves away from the busy surf beach of Mancora, and instead enjoying the peaceful sound of the crashing waves right outside our doorstep.

We checked into Casitas Pacificas for two days and one night of luxury, staying in Casita Dueños - our own ocean-front villa, perfect for couples, and so incredibly spacious. There are three seperate “casitas” in this resort-like accomodation, all three of them built to sleep and accomodate different sized groups - for two people (Dueños), six people (Sueños), and eleven (Pondokkie). Although all villas share the same property and beach-front view, each are completely separated from each other for ultimate privacy.

We were given a grand tour and shown to our room by the lovely Wilfredo - he kindly helped us with our bags, told us where we could find him if we needed anything at all, and then left us to soak up and enjoy our home for the next 24 hours.

Our bedroom was beautifully decorated with a enclosed bamboo ceiling, bamboo bed and side tables, and polished wooden doors and windows. Our bags and personal belongings could all be stored away in the spacious cupboards, and we had a convenient and large ensuite bathroom, one of the best showers we have had in a long time with amazing hot water pressure! But the best part about our room was the views that we woke up to.. luscious green gardens just outside our window, and ocean views once the bi-fold doors are opened.

Once you step out of the villa, a stunning and manicured garden leads you all the way to the beach - filled with flowers, sun-beds, three different sets of tables and chairs (depending on what angle your want to look at the beach while enjoying a meal and cocktail!), and many many palm trees. We spent the majority of our day switching between sun-beds, beach, and the shade of the large umbrella’s in the garden. As mentioned, Las Pocitas beach is much much quieter than Mancora.. but the few people that did walk past our little paradise along the beach all couldn’t help but stop and admire from afar.

Something that we have not had the opportunity to enjoy for some time now has been our own kitchen - we both absolutely love cooking, and when travelling for such a long period of time it can be frustrating (and expensive!) to continue to have to eat food out, or only be able to prepare things like sandwiches as we don’t have kitchen facilities (trust us, we’ve eaten a lot of sandwiches over the past couple of months!). Thankfully, we had our own private spacious and fully equipped kitchen to use! Before arriving at Casitas we had gone to the local markets in Mancora and stocked up on fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, bread, and eggs. With hundreds of kitchen utensils, a toastie machine, juicer, fridge and freezer, oven, microwave, and hot plates - our eating options were endless! However it was a little difficult to keep our eyes on our meal-prep with such gorgeous views outside the opened kitchen windows :)

With a number of different dining area options, we were able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a slightly different view each time - our favourite being sunset.. with the gorgeous photo as pictured below post being taken literally right from our front-garden.

After cooking ourselves a delicious dinner, we sat and enjoyed the living room area - with ginormous bi-fold windows with garden and sea views, this room was perfect for us to setup our laptop and catch-up on our blogging, touching base with family and friends, and photo transferring from our travels. With a huge collection of books and movies, our night was set!

The next day we lapped up our private garden and beach once again, extremely sad to leave once it was time for us to check-out. For anyone looking for a beautiful and peaceful getaway, we couldn’t recommend this place enough. Whether you’re a couple, a family, or even a larger group, Casitas Pacificas would have the perfect room for you - check out their website at for more info or to make a booking!

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