Boho Presets - Desktop & Mobile 24 x Pack

Boho Presets - Desktop & Mobile 24 x Pack

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We are soooooo god damn excited about the launch of our BOHO preset pack because THESE BABIES are our signature vibe, style and what we have been using on all of our recent photo edits,

We have tried and tested these presets on a number of mobile and desktop images and hope you are obsessed with the final product as we are :D


What is included in this bundle?


  • 12 x Desktop Presets that can be used with Adobe Lightroom CC (subscription of around $10 per month required)
  • 12 x Mobile Presets that can be used with the FREE mobile Adobe Lightroom CC App
  • PDF Guide, How to export your presets onto both Desktop & Mobile
  • All emailed to you within seconds of purchase


Please note,

- If downloading to your phone, you MUST already have "Zip Extractor" application downloaded onto your phone, so that you can successfully download our files

- We strongly recommend downloading the files to your desktop computer / laptop first, and then sending via Airdrop or Dropbox to your phone (all instructions are included in our PDF guide upon purchase)

- Your file will be available for download for 30 x days, so ensure you save it to your desktop once purchased,


Preset Guide:

Please note, that this Boho Preset Pack has been designed to work with a very specific style of photography, including

- neutral tones

- golden light

- sunrise and sunset photos

- de-saturated colours

- brown, white, orange style tones

- please see our before and after examples for inspiration of what type of photography these presets will work best with,

- please check out our original preset bundle for more variety of coloured presets etc, if this is more your style,


Preset FAQ’s:


What is a preset?

A preset is essentially a professional filter, that can drastically transform your dull iPhone or camera image into a beautiful full of life photograph!

Presets can be helpful to give your photography or instagram feed a consistent and aesthetically pleasing look,

It can also help save you huge amounts of time with the editing process of your photographs


What do I need in order to use your presets?

  • either a phone or desktop
  • if using your phone, you will require the Lightroom app & Zip extractor app (both free!)
  • if using your desktop to edit photographs, you will require a Lightroom CC membership (approx $10 per month)


Do I need to know how to use Lightroom to use your presets?

Absolutely not!

That’s the best part, we’ve already worked on all of the adjustments to create a preset look for you to directly apply to your photographs.

If you’re not familiar with Lightroom, the free mobile app is a great place to start, but our user guide will walk you through how to apply the preset via the app.


Can your presets be used on any type of photograph i’ve taken, even with my phone?

Of course! Our presets can be applied to JPEG and RAW images,

We personally use our presets to adjust all of our photographs that we’ve taken with our professional camera, all shot in RAW, and therefore it’s always our recommendations that when shooting wiht a professional camera, to adjust your camera settings to shoot in RAW.

However if you don’t have this ability, or you’re just shooting with your iPhone, that’s okay too, and our presets will still work for you :)


Does anything further need to be done to my photograph once i’ve applied a preset?

Depending on time of day, lighting, your camera type, and individuals skin tone, you may choose to make some very minor adjustments to the photograph after applying a preset of choice.

We recommend

  • Using the "Light" settings, checking exposure to make the photograph lighter or darker
  • Using "Color" settings, and Color Mix, to alter orange hue, saturation, and luminance adjustment, to adjust skin tone

There are also lots of very helpful YouTube tutorials about how to use Lightroom, if you decide to experiment a little more!


Once I purchase your preset, how long until I receive my bundles?

Right away! A link will be emailed to you within minutes, including installation guides and ZIP files - make sure you have the Zip Extractor app downloaded onto your phone before opening!


My attachment is not opening!

Presets are quite large files, which is why we ZIP them, either make sure that you’re connected to good wifi the first time you’re downloading the presets to your Lightroom app, or just expect to wait at least a minute or two for them to download, they’ll get there, and once downloaded, they will run quickly and smoothly every time :)


So does this mean my image edits will look like yours?
Yep, they sure will! But remember, everyone has their own eye for a photo style, angle, or shot, this doesn’t take away your creativity one bit!


Can I get a refund if I don't like them?
Unfortunately we don't offer refunds, but if you're not happy with your results, feel free to reach out to us for some assistance!


We’d love to see our presets in action, so make sure you tag #mishandkirkpresets so we can see your photographs and share them across our feed too!

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