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It’s funny how we’re so quick to book a flight across the other side of the world, but hesitant to explore what’s waiting for us in our own backyard.

We returned home to Australia after our 12 months of backpacking adventures with a greater appreciation for what our own country has to offer, and our weekend away with KKday Travelin Kangaroo Island truly reaffirmed this for us.

Our KI...

We are currently sitting on our 12 hour flight back home to Australia, reminiscing on the incredible whirlwind of adventures, relaxation, and fine dining, that were the last 4 days for us in Dubai.

Wow, our minds are blown.. With zero expectations (which is generally the mindset we like to have when we travel!), we are incredibly surprised about how much ground we covered in Dubai in...

Travelling so often, to different destinations and weather conditions, we are forever packing and unpacking.

We’ve certainly changed the way we pack, and the staple items that come along with us on each trip.

We pack for comfort, for cultural appropriateness, items that we can mix and match easily, and of course for what will look great in photographs. 

We currently are a little obsess...

As someone who hadn’t set foot into a hair salon for almost 10 years, I was surprisingly instantly drawn to Enough Studio after hearing about this new Adelaide space from a few local girls, who had nothing but wonderful things to say.

Being a sustainable living advocate, and learning that Enough Studio is Adelaide's first eco-friendly salon, I was a little excited!

I connected with Li...

Bawah was hands down, THE most picturesque, pristine, and perfect place that we have ever had the pleasure of visiting. A secluded island accessible only via seaplane, Bawah is an untouched magical land who have a large focus on preservation of the environment and conservation of the ocean.

It’s been open for less than 12 months, but is slowly making its way onto many travellers buck...

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